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Mayhem Studios Featured in Forbes Article: Twitter Marketing Phenomenon

When I started Twitter two years ago. I never thought I would end up being interviewed for Forbes Magazine. I guess it's true what they say. If you do what you love, everything will fall into place.

I have to admit that I'm a Twitter Addict. I love sharing information and being a resource to others. I also enjoy building strong relationships with my followers online and in real life (#IRL) at Tweetups and conferences.

I have built up friendships and trust in my community through Twitter, which also have lead to other benefits like: Audi allowing me to take the new A8 on a San Francisco road trip. A free round-trip flight on Virgin America’s new route from Los Angeles to Toronto. Test driving the new Toyota Prius for a week and trying out a new high end laptop from Hewlett-Packard.

The article suggest a shift, word of mouth advertising from a regular joe like me is more valuable than from a celebrity. You would trust a friends opinion over a celebrities.

So head on over to the Forbes website. Check out my interview," Twitter Marketing Phenomenon Calvin Lee."

Also check out Forbes article "Klout: The Biggest Popularity Contest Of All." It's an interview with Klout CEO, Joe Fernandez. I have a little mention in the article.

I would like to thank Victoria Barret for interviewing me for Forbes Magazine. Victoria Barret's Twitter is @VictoriaBarret.

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So excited for you Calvin! A well written article by Victoria and a truly well deserved mention. You are a phenomenon!

That is very cool.

jeesh Calvin I just saw this Forbes? that is wild! good for you man. Steve

This is awesome:)


Great work man keep it up:)

Great work. Keep it up man!!!!

These are great tips. Thanks for sharing them with us.

I had to refresh the page 2 times to view this page for some reason, however, the information here was worth the wait.

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