Thursday, July 25, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 and Me

Everyone surprised with a new Samsung Galaxy S4

As a Brand Ambassador and Life Style Blogger for Verizon #VZWBuzz. I'm given fun products by Verizon to try out, like the Jawbone UP and Samsung Galaxy Camera. I give my honest feed back. My opinions are my own.

Recently, I was invited to the Verizon headquarters in Orange County to learn more about Verizon and their products. That will be in another blog post.

During dinner that night with great food and friends. Verizon surprised everyone with a new Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone. The crowd goes wild!!

I really wanted to check out the Samsung Galaxy S4, even though I am more of a iphone guy than Android. After using the S4 for couple weeks. I am really surprised how much I like it. Dare I say, I love it.

Fun with Ann Tran during dinner and receiveing our S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is pretty powerful with a Qualcomm 1.9 GHz Quad Core Processor and
Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. It's pretty speedy and responsive. I'm always on the go and at events. As you may or may not know, I'm a tweeting and social media maniac! I need all the speed I can get.

I'm also loving the 5” Full HD Screen at 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. The larger screen is such a plus but not overly huge. S4 fits in your hands well. With the larger screen, it really helps me to see my photos, websites and smartphone text much better now.

Great time with Chris Fluery and the ladies

The 13 mega pixel camera takes great photos. I love that it has different settings that help you take better photos depending on the lighting conditions. One of my favorite modes to use is HDR. I use that one a lot in dark environments or in general.

I also like the fact that there are many photo editing apps on Android. Not just photo editing apps but advanced editing apps for free. Like Snapseed, Aviary and Photo editor.

All the apps are very useful to me. I usually, edit the photos on the fly. Then push out to all my social networks during events and conferences. I also use Photo Grid, a photo collage app. I use Photo Grid so not to flood my social stream with too many photos at once.

Loving her new Samsung Galaxy S4

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