Wednesday, June 27, 2007

HOWie Poster 2007

If you have a design question, need a critique or just hanging out in the lounge. The HOW Design Forum is the right place for you. I really enjoy interacting and learning from all the forum members, aka HOWies. It's really fun when HOW members participate in creative projects like the "Our True Colors" HOW Poster.

Jasmine Wabbington was the head honcho on the project with Jroz, serving as project manager. Both amazing ladies rounded up 37 members to participate. The results were amazing!

The poster came out great! Congrats to Jasmine, Jroz and all the HOWies.

Other sightings of the HOW poster were spotted on Jeff Fisher's blog, blog-omotives and Jroz's blog, From The Drawing Board

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Friday, June 22, 2007

James Tadeo: Lunch Time Comics

I have a good friend James Tadeo, Web Developer who's been drawing little doodles of his experiences with clients during his lunch time breaks. They are quite funny since it rings true for most designers dealing with clients. I thought, it would be great to share it with you guys.

James has a whole collection of doodles and growing daily. So check out his doodles at Lunch Time Comics.

James Tadeo, Web Designer and Programmer works with design companies, ad agencies, and in-house marketing departments promote products and services by helping them to produce and plan integrated campaigns consisting of print, multimedia, and the Web. Specializing in integrating ASP or PHP server side code to add intelligent and useful functions to Web sites.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Value of Logos

Most people or clients don't understand the value of logos or what goes into designing a logo. It's not just about making something look beautiful. Owning a computer with software doesn't make one a designer. Hire a professional!

There is a higher value on logos: everyone will associate that identity/mark with you. That is why logo design tends to be more than say a brochure, flyer or a poster. When you see the Nike Logo. You think of sports and athletics. There is an instant recognition.

A few factors used to determine logo design pricing

+ Research
+ Client Budget
+ How complicated the logo will be
+ The amount of concepts, revisions
+ How the logo will be used
+ What target/market
+ Longevity of the company/logo

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mayhem Studios Gets Branded In The Big Book of Logos 5

Mayhem Studios is recognized for its logo design work. The Studio' will be among the 130 plus contributing artists, agencies and designers for inclusion in the publication Branded and in David E. Carter's, The Big Book of Logos 5. Branded and the Big Book of Logos 5, a collection of logo designs from around world.

12 logos from the Studio' are among the winning logo designs that will be featured in the book, which will be on sale, Summer of 2007.

Mayhem Studios clients include Downtown Entertainment, ET Products, Baca Sigala & Associates, Applied Dialing, All Sport, Sports Bar, Dermatologic Laser Institute, Calvin Lee Design and Southeast Student Film Festival are among the logos featured in the book.

Lori Hobbs, M.D., Dermatologic Laser Institute, gives high praises for the Studio’s production.

"Calvin Lee, Mayhem Studios, thank you so much for helping me in the design of my logo. I love it! It is exactly what I wanted. Your patience and expertise made my new endeavor comforting and exciting. Calvin evoked professionalism and care to my project which I wholeheartedly appreciate. Calvin is fantastic!"

Mayhem Studios Published In The Big Book of Letterheads

Two of the Studios' works, Mayhem Studios stationery design and Calvin Lee Design stationery design are among the winning entries featured in David E. Carter's next book, The Big Book of Letterheads, now available by Harper Collins Publishing.

The Big Book of Letterheads includes nearly 400 letterhead sets, all selected for their ability to inspire the reader and provide countless brainstorming ideas.

Mayhem Studios Works Featured In American Corporate Identity 2008

The Studios' works ET Products Stationery Design, Fagerholm & Jefferson Law Corporation Stationery Design, and Dermatologic Laser Institute Logo among the winning entries featured in David E. Carter's, American Corporate Identity 2008, available November 2007.

Several hundred creative design firms have work included in American Corporate Identity 2008, ranging from the well known to the up-and-coming. Many trendsetting styles have first appeared in this series since its inception, making this book a must-have reference for every corporate identity designer’s bookshelf.

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