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HOWie Poster 2007

If you have a design question, need a critique or just hanging out in the lounge. The HOW Design Forum is the right place for you. I really enjoy interacting and learning from all the forum members, aka HOWies. It's really fun when HOW members participate in creative projects like the "Our True Colors" HOW Poster.

Jasmine Wabbington was the head honcho on the project with Jroz, serving as project manager. Both amazing ladies rounded up 37 members to participate. The results were amazing!

The poster came out great! Congrats to Jasmine, Jroz and all the HOWies.

Other sightings of the HOW poster were spotted on Jeff Fisher's blog, blog-omotives and Jroz's blog, From The Drawing Board

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*toot!* thanks!!

Not only did Jasmine Wabbington manage the most excellent "Our True Colors" HOW Poster project, but during the tail end of it, when it was nail-biting time for getting it done in time for the Atlanta Conference, she was creating my website. The poster, obviously, was an unqualified success--and i'm VERY comfortable saying that, since (not having a plaque on the tree) I don't have a pony in that race.

But what she did in dreaming up the look of my website and then executing the design, well, I can't imagine something that captured the sense I wanted to convey but couldn't quite articulate for myself when i was trying to put it together on my own.

That poster only scratches the surface of Jasmine's talent, vision, and hard-working nature.

I simply love the elegance, the proportion between the info and the color selection. Awesome awesome work.

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