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Creative Brief: Client Goals & Expectations

It's a good idea to get some background information about your client before starting on any project. It will help to met client goals and expectations. Using a creative brief will help accomplish this.

A creative brief lays out the visual design directions to explore and the objectives of the project. Using the information on the form to make sure that we are both focused and are on the same page throughout the creative process to deliver the clients message.

I give the client a creative brief form to fill out before our first meeting. They don't necessarily need to fill out the form, it will give them something to think about before the actual meeting. You both can fill out the form together during the meeting.

A few things to consider on what should be included in a creative brief. A sample of the Mayhem Studios creative brief may be viewed HERE.

+ Client information
+ Who are you?
+ What do you do?
+ What are your goals?
+ What is your budget?
+ How would you like to be perceived?
+ Who is your audience, demographics?
+ Who is your primary competitor?
+ What do you want this project to say about you?
+ What's your favorite/least favorite color and why?
+ List logos you like and why?
+ What would you like produced?
+ What keywords describe your business?

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Thanks for this. I read once a creative brief but could not find it again. This comes handy.

P.S.: Some people really blog on Blogger?! Is that real? ;-)

This info comes in handy, one area I run in to issues with clients is getting them to determine a budget. You listed in this blog as something that should be in the design brief, but I didn't see that in your actual brief for Mayhem Studios

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