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Self Promotion: Power of Blogs

Blogs is a very useful tool for self-promotion and educating the public. I have experienced the power of what a blog can do for self-promotion. In one of my blog posts, "I've been Tagged!" It's a fun little post about listing your favorite things in fours. In turn, you would tag another person that would list their favorites and so. I was originally tagged by a friend of mine Jeff Fisher from his blog, bLog-oMotives

In my "I've been Tagged!" posting it listed "The Greatest American Hero TV Show" as one of my favorite shows. Which was read by M80, a marketing firm working with Anchor Bay Entertainment on releasing "The Greatest American Hero TV Show DVD Limited Edition Box Set." I recently received an email from M80. They offered me a free "The Greatest American Hero TV Show DVD" in exchange for a review of the the TV show on my blog to help create an on-line marketing presence for the dvd.

I agree to the review, since it's one of my favorite shows and a free dvd. How can you beat that? So where are the MacGyver TV show people at?

"The Greatest American Hero TV Show" is a fun show that aired in the 1980s staring William Kat, Robet Culp and Connie Selleca. It's a show about, what if you have a super powered suit with exordinary powers, which is given to you by aliens from outer space, you lose all the instructions on what powers you may have and how to use them. Resulting in a hilariously funny buddy buddy, action comedy and super hero spoof.

It's fun watching the characters Ralph Hanley (William Katt), Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp) and Pam Davidson (Connie Selleca) interact with each other in every episode. Discovering how to fly without crashing into walls, buildings or trees in his tight red suit. The fun part is his discovery of his new found powers and his clumsy crime fighting skills.

This show would be enjoyed by young and old. A great gift for the holiday season.

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Congrat Cal! I use to watch that show a lot when I was a kid. The theme song was cool :)

When I was six, my mother was addicted to that TV show, along with a few others. I was addicted to the theme song. Whenever it came on I'd run into the room, dance around like a lunatic singing the song at the top of my lungs, and then run out of the room and do something else. I think I was 27 before I finally realized what the show was actually about.

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