Monday, March 31, 2008

What Can You Write Off On Taxes?

I'm not a tax expert, please consult a tax professional.

I do have a a few tips on what you can write off. It's basically anything for your business. Make sure to keep all your receipts, just in case you get audited. You can also use credit card statements, credit card sale slips, bank statements, canceled checks, invoices and paid bills as proof.

A Few Samples of What You Can Write Off

+ Hardware/Software
+ Training/Conferences
+ Books/Magazines
+ Subscriptions/Memberships
+ Office Expenses
+ Advertising/Promotions
+ Mileage
+ Web Hosting/Internet
+ Office/Cell Phone
+ Research

A Few Tax Resources

+ The Internal Revenue Service
+ Business Expenses
+ Self-Employment Tax
+ Tax Strategies
+ Hang on to that Receipt!
+ Deductions Your Small Business Shouldn't Miss
+ How to Keep the IRS From Knocking on Your Door
+ The Truth About Receipts for Business Purchases

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