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Game Changer: It’s The Little Things!

It was an honor and privilege to be asked to participated in Sarah Robinson's "30 Days To Changing Your Game." The idea; 30 bloggers, 30 blog posts and 30 ways to inspire others to create new habits and new ways of thinking to changing their game.

The excerpt from my article is below. You can read the full article; It’s The Little Things on Sarah Robinson's Blog, Escaping Mediocrity.

There is no secret to being a success on Twitter; it’s the little things that count. The same principles can be applied to your daily life as well.
A few things I did that changed my game and it can for you too.
Value - Sharing your knowledge, expertise and helping others with it, adds value. You will be the trusted person that everyone will go to.
Be Nice – Being nice is very easy to do and don’t expect anything in return. It doesn’t take much to show kindness, that kindness will be returned in full when you least expect it.
Community – Contributing and being part of a community; helps build relationships and trust. It will also give you the sense of belonging, like family. When in need, you can call on your community for support.
Share Your Life – Take a chance; Open up and share something about your life. People are more willing to do business with someone they know something about, builds trust.

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oh Cal - you were such a rockstar during the 30 Day series! You are DA BOMB!

Calvin - your presence mattered in this blog series. I feel very grateful to have 'met' you there. I appreciate that you Follow me on Twitter - and that you reply to me as well. In short, you have a way of making people feel special. Thank you.

Luckily I'd subscribed to your RSS because I knew you through Twitter. I saw your post about the series. I didn't know about it before, but I'm enjoying it now. I liked your post about running your business as sincerely as you run your Twitter stream.

Wonderful advice. Love "Be Kind." How often do you forget that in business?

I may say that game is a different game from any other ordinary games. What's good about that is, it is a life changing game to anyone who participated, and I'm saying that based from the article I've read and from your post as well. Thanks for sharing. I hope I can attend to one event like this.

nice work :)

Sounds like a great idea to me. Perhaps it could be replicated?

Love your work and yes its all the little things that definitely count, Great article!

Thank you for your useful post ...
very much ...

Its a good idea.

I was just talking to a friend last night on her radio show about how just being the same way you are in real life - nice, concerned, interested in other people's lives - is how best to be on Twitter, on your blog, on Facebook, etc.

I find that the way we manage our account is a direct reflection of what is really going on in our lives. People who for whatever reason are very concerned with making more money or paying the bills come off that way. So the lesson is to take a look at what's going on in our lives and fix that, because it will reflect itself in the way we are socially, both off and online.

Inspirational suggestion, i liked each and every advice here. I read it and really its working and i got good change on my personality, However i suggest it to everyone.

This is really a nice article, i will check it out!
thanks for share :)

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