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How To Network On-line For Your Next Big Project

These days I do a lot of my networking and marketing on-line. The web reaches more people than any brochure or media kit, with less time and money. The two that really helped me are: On-line networking/directory web sites and posting in forums.

Having a profile/account/portfolio on any free networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or Creative Hotlist will get your name out there. Posting on forums will also help to build relations and trust that may bring you new clients and projects.

That's how Create Magazine contacted me to design their 5 page featured article. I have a portfolio on their site. After looking at my work. They thought I might be a good fit for the magazine.

I post on design forums pretty often and have built many relations. As a result, Jeff Fisher, Jeff Fisher LogoMotives, asked me to submit some of my work for his new book, Identity Crisis! 50 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities Into Successful Brands.

Another example, Steve Gordon, Jr., RDQLUS Creative. Asked me to submit my work for his book, 100 Habits of Successful Freelance Designers: Insider Secrets for Working Smart & Staying Creative.

Twitter is really a great place for building connections, relationships and interactions with brands and high profile people like Chris Brogan or Guy Kawasaki. In the off-line world you wouldn't have these opportunities, or would be very difficult to get in contact with them.

I've been talking (bantering) with Guy Kawasaki on Twitter for some time. He must really like my style, because Guy approached me to do some design work for him and Alltop. He's a really cool guy (no pun intended) to work with. He actually, listens and are open to suggestions.

If you get a chance, take it to the next level by attending Meetups, Tweetups and Conferences, where you actually meet "In Real Life (IRL)." It's like meeting an old friend, which helps to really build a bond with the relationships you have developed on-line, then off-line into the real world.

So get out there! Start networking, connecting and building relationships.

Here are a few resources that will help with your networking.

Business Networking Web Sites

Ad Holes
Fast Pitch
Start Up Nation
Meet Up

Design Networking/Portfolio Web Sites

Carbon Made
Design: Related
Creative Hotlist
Design Hide
Designer ID
Logo Pond
Logo Lounge

Design Forums

HOW Design Magazine
Freelance Switch
Graphic Design
Estetica Design
You The Designer
Designers Talk
All Graphic Design

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Hey, small world! You used to do stuff for Create Magazine?

I contributed to their "Surf" spread frequently, for the Midwest (and later, Twin Cities) edition of Create.

What ever happened to that mag, anyway? Now every time I see a link for it it goes to Graphics.com

Good advice, Cal. I completely agree.

I was laid off earlier this year, so I've tried many different ways of networking. Interestingly, I've found Twitter to be the best tool to reach out to folks. Secondly, would be LinkedIn and their groups forums.

It's too bad we didn't meet at #140conf, but I look forward to meeting you IRL soon!

Amber @wordsdonewrite

Hi Calvin,

You make some good points here, especially regarding how powerful Twitter is, for getting the attention of influential people.

Thanks for the post!

Thanks for the advices, I'm pretty new with the links you've mentioned but I'd like to try it and hopefully It would be my ticket to my next big project.

Cal - Thanks for the mention. Just came across this today. - J.

I am very glad to hear your good news.You take the advantage of the Internet very properly.
And now,another company want to corporate with you.It is Taskcity.
Recommend an online freelance platform, www.taskcity.com. Their professional offline service can help ture your simple idea into a real project.
Just have a look ,you may find surprise.
Best wishes!

Very helpful advice mayhem. Thanks a lot. Will be sure to look out for you on these social networks. But boy thats a lot to join with.

Oh man, thanks for all those links especially the Startupnation one. I just started a new position in marketing and although I'm quite web savvy, I do love learning more and growing. Thanks.

Robert M.

hmmm getting a degree at home is a better choice, especially when you have a kid... you don't need to go outside the house and save some gasoline too...

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All I seem to hear about these days are twitter and facebook. I know there are tons of other networking sites out there. Seems like everyone has taken to them more, either that or the media pushes them for some reason.

article published quite interesting & informative so that adds new value to me

Thank you Calvin for this VERY informative blog post!
Within 15 minutes my latest art work caught attention through publication through TWITTER and became
#1 HEADLINE IN GUY KAWASAKI'S Guy’s Daily Paper ART OBJECTS R "LIVING BEINGS" lnkd.in/7ubB9S ▸Top story!
I wish you success and happiness with your business! Your blog posts are GREAT!
xox Kris

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