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Billings 3 Giveaway: Time Billing and Invoicing Software

I'll be giving away 2 licences of Billings 3, sponsored by Marketcircle. Billings is a time tracking and invoicing application for the Mac, targeted at designers & freelancers.

Billings generates the most professional looking invoices anywhere and includes 30 professionally designed templates to choose from. Simply add your logo and contact details and you are ready to invoice out of the box. You can get your first invoice out in 5 minutes.

It was just announced that Billings won an Apple Design Award at WWDC 2009

UPDATE: Congrats to Winners Adrian Mironescu (@mironescu) and Tim Rodgers (@timrodgers)


It's Simple! Just leave a comment below. That's It! I will announce the two winners on here in a week. Good Luck!

I would like to also thank Ryan Cash, Marketing + PR Co-ordinator at Marketcircle for helping with the giveaway. For more information about Billings 3, head on over to Marketcircle.

Follow me, @mayhemstudios @marketcircle and @RyanACash on Twitter.

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I've just discovered this blog and it's already giving away awesome software! :)

great idea. count me in.

Thanks for the offer/competition - might be useful for me or one of my clients... Nice work on the site - good to see a Blogger site rather than all these Wordpress-only ones!

You have to be innit to winnit..

Nice competition with a very useful app! Thanks!

I haven't tried Billings, but heard that its good. Count me in to.

I love this app, crossing my fingers to win a license!

Nice giveaway! making bills is my very weak point...

Market Circle give away! Awesome! I love useful apps that look this good!

Just downloaded the demo for billings a couple of days ago looks really good. Thanks for the competition, fingers are crossed!

*drops name into hat.


Thanks for the opportunity to get Billings for free! I coul definitely use a time tracking app and invoice app!

I've been seeing good reviews of Billings for a while, hope to have opportunity to test now! Great idea, by the way.


This is great timing, as my Billings trial is about to expire :)

Awesome Give Away been looking at getting this but really couldn't afford the extra monies. Would love to win.

I just discovered this, Great giveaway. Thanks!

Sounds great!

Excellent app. Thank You

I've been reading a lot about billings everywhere, so, yeah! why not? If I could get it for free. Amazing dude!

I could use that.

Love Billings, awesome.

Thanks for the Opportunity! I sure do hope I am a chosen one!

I would love to win a copy of Billings 3. Thanks for the opportunity.

Just Cool! :)

I love this sudden influx of giveaways =)

Im in! Billings is absolutely awesome

This would be absolutely awesome. I've wanted something just like this for quite a while. Looked into the program and it seems exactly what I need.

Billings is fabulous. I'm getting a new Mac soon and need to get another license so I can have it on both my travel and home office computers. Their reporting come in great handy too! And visually, it even looks like a designer's time-tracker.

I'll wait for you.

I am looking for a new billing software iBiz is really starting to piss me off with all of it's quirks. I look forward to WINNING and being happier with my billing software!


I am willing to enter this thing so i can win billings if i do win ill touch the ceiling and oh man how that'd be a wonderful feeling. lol

Cool giveaway I would love to win Billings I think it would work great for my budding freelance graphic design work I am doing!!! I can't wait!!

This would be gr8...Can't wait to win!!

very useful!!! can't wait to get it :)

WEBBOgrafico says "I'm HERE!!"

Great giveaway and great app!!!

This software looks awesome! I really hope I win! I've been making manual invoices and excel spreadsheet time logging for the longest time!

I've tried a lot of billing/invoice software over the past year and almost instantly fell in love with Billings when I downloaded the trial version.

Definately count me in!

I've been looking for a better way to keep track of time spent on projects and an easier way to invoice. This would be great!

I'm in and I definitely would like to win this one.

Winner right here!

Cal can I bribe you? Lol trying my luck ..


I'd be more than willing to let Billings look after my shillings!

I'm just starting up my freelance design business, soooo can I have this?

Very cool giveaway! Sounds like a great tool to have!

Very nice contest! Hope I win :)

Looking at going Freelance soon, Billings looks like it could really help me launch.


Billings! Maybe that would be the cure for the hives I've received using Quickbooks!


Billing argh, I actually just ran across a demo of this app and it seems really good. Thanks for the contest!

woot! great software, thanks for the giveaway!

This is wonderful software for any website designer... I would love to get my hands on it.

nice would love to get my hands on this!!

Billings rocks

ohhhhh snap! i'm in brotha!

it's on like donkey kong! i'm in.

I've tried the demo and I really like this app. Small business getting started, I could really use a copy of this for free!

Hey, Love your twitter posts and links and tips.. awesome stuff. Thanks for the Billings 3 offer.. I hope its fun to use and has multiple currency.. going to go and have a play around now! Cheerio from South Africa!

Nicely designed blog and a nice offer to boot. Count me in if it's still open!

I agree with the previous poster! I've been following you on Twitter, but just discovered your blog and now you're giving something away?

Wow. Thank you so much! Looking forward to following you on both the blog and twitter! You are one of my favorites!

I have been wanting to check out Billings!

Sounds like a great app. Thanks for sharing!

great app.. thanks for the offer!

Posting my entry while listening to Mr. Morton...surely someone will remember this little School House Rock ditty...

What a generous offer! I'd love to have a chance in winning. Thanks for the opportunity! It would be greatly appreciated and used often since all I do now is freelance because my department got eliminated.

I'd love me some free invoicing software.

Now that my own business is jumping this would help a ton.

I've been searching and searching for a really great invoicing app and this from Marketcircle looks to be exactly what I've been waiting for. So sick of every app I take for a test drive ending up being so overly complicated and/or so over-simplified that they strip away every custom feature. Or they *can* the export to invoice so that it's so blatantly generated from a specific piece of software. Billings3 looks dope. Can't wait to explore further. Heck, it'd be nice to avoid the $40 license fee, but from the looks of it so far, is well worth that price!

Free stuff?? Hell yeah! Count me in.

Calvin, I was curious what program do you use for accounting? I downloaded the trial of Billings but haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Thanks for the post. I've been searching for a simple invoicing program. Don't like QuickBooks. Thanks!

Muy buen blog de diseño! great blog! thanks from Argentina.

I have been using the services of http://www.invoicera.com for quite sometime now and they are coming up with the new Invoicera with features like time-tracking, expense tracking, import function, and much more. Check out their blog at http://www.invoicera.com/blog for updates


Very informative post for the readers. I've been using invoicing software since before in tracking down the work of my employees and as well as paying bills. Really hassle free for me. Free is a rare thing nowadays so I please count me in as well.

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