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Mayhem Studios Latest Contributions Around The Blogosphere

I have been pretty busy lately networking/meeting new people on Twitter. Twitter is a great marketing and promotional tool. I will write more about Twitter on a future blog post.

All my hard work has been paying off as I have been contributing and featured on a few blogs and websites. Below are few places I may be seen at.

40+ Creative Logos Submitted By The Designers

Brain Hoff, owner of The Design Cubicle asked Mayhem Studios and fellow graphic designers if they’d be interested in submitting their favorite designed logos to be featured on The Design Cubicle. Following are the results.

29 Of The Best Print Design Projects Submitted By The Designers

Once again, Brain Hoff, owner of The Design Cubicle asked Mayhem Studios and fellow graphic designer’s on Twitter if they would be interested in submitting what they feel to be their best or favorite printed design project. Here’s what they’ve got to show for it.

20 Branding Tips Using Only Social Media Sites

Branding yourself and/or your business is a great way to build yourself up as an expert and build up your business in the eyes of the masses. But what if you don’t know where to start on branding yourself online? Would you jump all over the idea of Mayhem Studios and other creatives giving you 20 branding tips using only social media sites?

The Twittering! A Closer Look at the Social Media Giant

Twitter certainly has revolutionized the social media networking scene, bringing a vibrant new connectivity to so many online communities that are thriving through this 140 character or less. There are many awesome tools/apps for Twitter that make tweeting more enjoyable and fun. Angie Bowen owner of Ar-bent-ing asked Mayhem Studios and tweeting addicts around the world what are some of their favorite tools/apps that enhance their Twitter experience.

One Month Later... Rob Barrett Web Site Redesign.

Rob Barrett, graphic designer in South London, new site design has been up for a month now, and it’s seen a huge improvement over its previous incarnation. This has been partly due to a push to better his self-promotion, but also hugely thanks to Mayhem Studios and a number of other great fellow designers, all of whom are quick and willing to help out at a moment’s notice. This post goes out to them, and the various sites I’ve latched onto to shout about this site — thanks, guys!

30 Creative Twitter Theme Backgrounds

One thing about Twitter is its simplicity. There are restrictions that limit our creativity boundaries so if you want to make an impression with your Twitter profile it all comes down to the background. Mayhem Studios Twitter profile background is one of 30 creative backgrounds which stands out above the rest, featured on Lee Munroe's web site.

Another 15 Beautiful Twitter Themes

Theming is an important aspect for any social networking site since that lets you represent your interests as well as your business. Good looking themes obviously draws the attention of your visitors. Twitter has it’s own restrictions when it comes to theming. Mayhem Studios Twitter profile background is one of the 15 Beautiful Twitter Themes featured on the Productive Dreams web site.

127 RSS Feeds That All Designers Should Subscribe To

Mayhem Studios listed as one of the 127 designers feeds every designer should subscribe to said, the Color Burned web site.

Organized Chaos Inspiration: Musically Designed

Nearly everyone gets inspired and pumped up by music. Music is one of the few things that connect all of us. Arron Lock owner of Organized Chaos asked Mayhem Studios and a few of his Twitter/Designer friends, what music inspires them to create.

My Ink Trail: Best of the Web, October 2008

Its been another fantastic month in the design blogosphere. Mayhem Studios article, Networking On-line for Potential Clients is one, in the collection of the best articles, tutorials, freebies and more from the design community on the My Ink Blog web site.

Andy Sowards Web Development Nerdy Daily Links

Mayhem Studios interview with Freelance Switch, Self-Promotion Made Easy: An Interview With Calvin Lee and blog post, Networking On-line For Potential Clients are featured links on Andy Sowards Web Development Nerdy Daily Links.

Mayhem Studios Freelance Switch Member Of The Month

Based on Mayhem Studios activity and participation, he was chosen as the member of the month for the Freelance Switch forums.

Brian Yerkes Subscribers/Readers Link Love

Mayhem Studios is one of the Subscribers/Readers Link Love featured on Brian Yerkes web site. As a way to give something back to his regular visitors, and all of the new ones that have been flowing in during the past few weeks.

150+ Most Active Designers on Twitter Everyone Must Follow

Twitter Here, Twitter There, Twitter Everywhere. More and more people are getting in on the fun of using Twitter as networking and marketing tool. Mayhem Studios is one of the 150+ Most Active Designers on Twitter Everyone Must Follow according to Naldz Graphics web site.

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Talented is all I ca say. Made acquaintance on twitter and although I am writer for ehow, and not a graphic designer, I always find value in your postings and webpages. Such quality work. I will put in a stumble for you. Thanks.

You are the man! You should be featured in many more places, with your Media Prowess! Keep up the good work man! Thanks for the feature!

Oh, welcome..really useful list You've got again :))

Good deal. I actually found your site via Twitter. :)

Yet another great post filled with useful and interesting content.

I am interested in all the info I can get on marketing. Good stuff! Thanks.


Hey...it was really an intelligent roundup of links from Blogsphere.I have updated myself with almost all the links added here :)

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